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How to Prepare Your Home for a Zombie Attack!

Is there anything more terrifying than something trying to get into your home and eat you? The recent €zombie€ attacks reported in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas has everyone talking zombies. Is it possible the media is just sensationalizing some unfortunate yet easily explainable drug related attacks? Is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) adamantly insisting that there is no zombie virus outbreak on the horizon? Probably. But if you want your home to survive a zombie attack or some other disaster, it pays to adopt the Boy Scout’s motto and €always be prepared€. Besides, if you’re ready for zombies, you’ll be ready for anything! So here are some tips to guard yourself and your Arizona property from a zombie attack.

What’s for dinner? Hopefully not my brains.

No matter what the emergency, enormous monsoon power outage or raging zombie bombardment, you should always have emergency food and water stashed in your Phoenix property. You never know how long you’ll be without power, or fighting off groaning zombies so having a sustenance stash helps. Plenty of fresh water and non-perishable goods are great to have stocked away in your pantry for any emergency situation. And don’t forget a can opener!

Great minds taste alike.

In any emergency circumstance, it pays to use those sought after brains to devise a plan. So whether you’re up against a wildfire or a hoard of the undead, you’ll be able to get out quickly and safely. Your plan should map out the safety exits in your home, exits out of your neighborhood, and an established meeting place. It’s easier to avoid being dinner when you know the quickest way out!

Survival of the Fittest Kit

Having a kit ready to go can be your best friend in any emergency, especially if zombies are knocking at your door and bursting through your window! A grab and go kit for your home and vehicle should be chocked full of survival essentials like first aid, extra clothing, flash lights, battery powered radio, and other tool supplies (rope, knife, matches) in addition to at least 72 hours’ worth of food and water. Backpacks or easy to carry suitcases work perfectly when you’re on the run from a Thriller music video gone awry!

Sure, we could go overboard and tell you to board up your doors and windows, assemble an arsenal, or pick up a cheap Arizona foreclosure home and turn it into a zombie proof fortress; but in a pinch, being prepared for any emergency will do. It pays to know the risks in your area like floods, earthquakes, and wildfires, because the more prepared you are the better your chances for survival.

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