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Doomsday Preppers: 3 Ways To Prepare For The New World Order

Doomsday preppers may look and sound like conspiracy theorists, or perhaps even nut cases. But in reality, many of them are just average people who are terrified by what they see in the way of social change and the rise of a new world order.

Whatever your political or religious beliefs may be, it is hard to dispute the fact that we live in dangerous times. In my opinion, we are on the brink of devastating social change. This article briefly discusses three steps you can take to prepare for the unthinkable.


The first step doomsday preppers take is to educate themselves. You need to understand what the threats to your safety may be, and how each of these threats may best be met.

For example, if you live in Miami, your primary threat comes in the form of a hurricane, and any so-called doomsday preparation that plans for martial law or the new world order, while ignoring the threat of a natural disaster, is foolish. Likewise, here in California, we live with the threat of earthquakes.

Once you get beyond your geographical proneness to natural disasters, start learning more about the potential for man made crises, which may include monetary meltdowns, martial law, social chaos, or even war.


Once you understand the threats to your security, it is time to prepare. This step may include simple things like improving your home security, stocking your home with additional food and water supplies, and arming yourself against an unlawful home invasion.

The key here is to prepare yourself before the crisis erupts. For example, during a monetary crisis one of the first things that may occur is a disruption in food deliveries to your local stores. If you have adequate food stocks in place in advance, you can easily avoid the chaos and potential violence when food becomes scarce.


Finally, you need to actually train yourself and your family to deal with emergency situations. I may sound crazy, but you actually need to rehearse your response to a disaster.For example, if you have a camp stove you plan to use when the power goes out, then break the thing out and cook tonight’s dinner on it. Find out how it works–and more importantly, if it works.

The three steps above barely scratch the surface on what you can do to join the ranks of the doomsday preppers. We’re not crazy, we’re not anarchists. We are law abiding citizens who simply recognize the world as it is, and choose to take action to protect ourselves and our families in the event of a natural or man made disaster.

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